We'd love for you to choose us as your partners in wellness - we will help you navigate both the insurance and nutritional maze. If you'd like to make an appointment with us, please read the following outline of client expectations, cost of services, and insurance coverage.

  • Each client agrees to be responsible to Sodexo, the registered dietitians, and other health care practitioners providing medical services for any and all charges incurred during consultation and/or treatment that are not paid by insurance or third party benefits
  • Payment for services is due on the day of service. Cash, check, and credit cards will be accepted. Package rates are available for services as well.
  • Appointments are reservations of our dietitians' time, so if you cannot attend your scheduled session, please provide at least 24 hours of advanced notice that you will not be able to attend (If your appointment is on a Monday, please let us know by Friday). If you do not attend your session or do not provide enough notice that you will not attend, you will be charged for the reserved time.

Fees for Nutritional Counseling:

  • Initial Client Visit: $69
  • Subsequent Client Visits: $55 (30 minutes)
  • Client Evaluation: $98 (one hour)
  • Transformation Package: $325 ( 6 sessions)

Payment for nutritional counseling visits also includes communication with other members of your treatment team and reasonable phone communication with your dietitian and staff at Denver Wellness and Nutrition. More extensive phone communication, or calls that replace follow-up care, will be billed at the rate of $25 per quarter hour.

Insurance and Medicare Information:

When Medicare benefits apply, be sure that the information that you provide in your application for payment is correct, under Title VIII of the Social Security Act. You will sign and request authorized Medicare benefits to Sodexo and to the dietitians providing medical service to you.

If insurance coverage is not valid for payment, Sodexo Operations, LLC will provide a coded receipt for services (a "superbill") that may be submitted to insurance providers for reimbursement. Additionally, these receipts clearly indicate that any reimbursements will be made to the client or insurance holder, not Sodexo Operations, LLC. In the event of a mistaken insurance payment to Sodexo Operations, LLC, the check will be voided and returned to the insurance provider with an explanatory letter that will also be provided to the client.

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